ARTIST ONLINE PRESENCE AND ARCHIVING has been creating and maintaining websites for artists since 2007. We are specialists in online presence for artists. What makes us specialists is our training in the production and analysis of art, combined with years of technical experience bringing the best of web technology to the service of artists, and finally the understanding of the importance of clean design to artists. You will find a selection of our latest work in this portfolio. From fully custom online retrospective sites to simple promotional sites, our compact freelance team keeps overhead low and our prices the most competitive. Please feel free to contact us with any questions

Collen Dwyer Meloche – Artist Site & Store
Custom Bilingual WP Theme with E-Commerce / Design / Content Editing - 2022

Worked with Montreal ceramic artist to co-design a site to present her sculptural her functional works as well as promoting and taking payments for her workshops. Includes a fully functional WooCommerce online store with Stripe payment service.

Intercalaray Art Event – Exhibition site
Custom WP Theme and DB Design / Content Management / Usability Design - 2021

A multi-venue group exhibition in Providence Rhode Island on the theme of science and art. The three locations and their works are presented with bold graphic design by Derek Schusterbauer. Original pencil drawings of location map and the 3 edifices by participating artist Katie Bullock add to the unique look and feel. Covid restrictions shut down the exhibition before it could be seen by many, so the site was a way to gain a wider audience.

Musical Drumming – E-commerce and online application
Graphic Design / Custom WP Theme, DB Design and UX Design / Writing - 2021

This site is a bit of a departure from AOPA’s core work. The client is just such a nice guy and great musician that we couldn’t say no. It brought AOPA into new territories and added to our skill set. The website includes full Woocommerce functionality and a multi-media application for learning the drums based on an original method developed by John McColgan. Videos by Olivier Arseneault, graphic design by Don Goodes and Bruce Reimer.

Mariela Borello – Online retrospective catalogue
Custom WP Theme / Design / Curating / Writing and Editing - 2020

Worked with Montreal multimedia artist to gather and select works. Created a structure for the retrospective catalogue including “Current Works” and an archival “Past Works”. One hundred and twenty-one works in total are presented. Restoration of old digital files. Easily updated to add new works and cv entries. Full screen slideshow and paginated individual works pages.

Naomi London – Artist site
Custom Bilingual WP Theme / Graphic and Usability Design - 2020

Redesign of existing site of the Montreal sculptor, multimedia artist and Dawson College professor. The goal being to make it more professional and contemporary in look and coding. Easily updated to add new works and cv entries. Full screen slideshow and paginated individual works pages.

Medrie MacPhee – Artist site
Custom WP Theme / Design / Updates - 2014

Official site of the New York City painter and Artist-In-Residence at Bard College. It presents over 170 of the artists paintings and drawings in a clean easy to use design. Frequently updated by AOPA with new works and news.

Jocelyne Prince — Artist site
Custom WP Theme / Graphic and Usability Design / Curating / Writing - 2019

The design of the experimental glass artist and RISI professor’s site captures the mystery of her exploratory way of working. A custom two-column design was developed with Jocelyne to juxtapose her sculptural and performance works. Features include museum-like information panels for works, a video background on the homepage, the inclusion of derivative works and the option to attach “extras” to artworks.

Bernard Mulaire — Art historian site
Hand-coded Archival Site / Design / Updates - 2018

The online collection of the Montréal art historian’s vast writing on ancient and contemporary art and culture in Quebec and Western-Canada. Since the site was created, full-text articles and new writings have been added regularly as they are prepared. Currently there are almost ninety. Design is based on graphic trends in art catalogues from the nineties.

Sarah Stevenson — Artist Site
Custom WP Theme / Design / Writing and Editing - 2020

This site for Montréal sculptor and multimedia artist is simple and clean, using as little text as possible. Works can be viewed by date or by theme, or a part of exhibitions. The elegant typography and layout was done by master designer Maciek Mancewicz from CreativeDot.

Myriam Yates — Artist Site
Custom Bilingual WP Theme / Graphic and Usability Design - 2018

Simple and elegant site designed in collaboration with the video artist, photographer and professor at Université de Sherbrook. Images, video and text are presented in a concise layout. Uses some subtle programming effects to bring the work alive. Easily updated to add new works.



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Client Feedback

I love your attention to detail, be it in the design, the images, editing text, improving on my writing. Your background in writing is an extra asset to your service. You were very professional in the whole process. You take the whole of the client's needs into consideration and that is what makes your service unique. You care, and it shows in the creation of a beautiful product. I felt you went beyond what was needed to make the site spectacular.

Mariela Borello, Montréal artist

I have so appreciated working with Don at AOPA to create my website. His knowledge of navigation on various screen sizes, his understanding of clients' needs, combined with his attention to detail and endless patience makes working with Don such a pleasure. My online presence has enabled my work to be professionally presented to gallerists and clients alike, which in turn has resulted in exhibition invitations and exposure in print, and has got my work out to a much larger audience . I trust Dons judgement, appreciate his professionalism and I have and do highly recommend collaborating with him on any project.

Jennifer Small, Montréal artist

I am very pleased with my site, its appearance and functionality. I was also happy that you showed me how to do some of the work myself so I can do the updating. You aren’t some young hotshot so I felt like I would be less likely to be judged for my ineptitude with all things computer-related. I am particularly pleased that people continue to be able to find it. I know that is something you put a lot of work into.

Sarah Stevenson, Montréal sculptor