Artist Online Presence and Archiving serves contemporary artists by specializing in custom websites, online curated retrospectives, DIY consulting, updating, legacy digital archiving and social media strategies (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook), for all types of cultural creators such as painters, installation artists, sculptors, printmakers, poets, musicians, writers and dancers in Canada, the US and beyond. Our custom sites and archiving include AOPA database design with custom fields for documenting works.

Our work is superior to other web design houses because we understand the complexities of art. We can engage with our clients around the intricacies of their art to produce outcomes that properly represent them and fulfill their objectives.


The basic premise for our work is simple: there are a lot of artists in the world, and it would be a cultural tragedy for them to be forgotten. The Canada Council identified twenty-six thousand visual artists working in Canada in 2016. This time of vast cultural output represents a unique historic moment, that probably will not be around forever. There is the risk that generations of artists could be forgotten. When history is written, the complexity of our times could be completely overlooked. In the past, before this explosion of pluralistic art making, the institutions of art could define dominant mouvements to represent their times, and would reward the best examples of these with a retrospective and catalogue.

Today, while the institutional capacity has lagged behind the realities of art production, the means of distribution have exploded. Artists now have the means to ensure that their particular approach to art is properly represented, and that their production is framed and presented to the world for now and the future. AOPA is there to help make this happen. Your online presence and archiving is our top priority.

Check out our case study for an example of how we work.


Don Goodes

AOPA OPA Owner and Operator / Project Manager / Artist Liaison / UX Expert / Social Media

Earning a MFA from NSCAD 1986 and Masters of art theory from Université du Québec à Montréal in 1993, Don Goodes wrote about art full time for 10 years before becoming a web developer, publishing in various art publications. He has worked for the Canada Council and various art galleries and organisations. Don has 20 years of experience developing content-based websites principally for cultural clients and research groups. He worked as artistic director and head of the design team for NFB web development. He is responsible for many aspects of the operations, including all interactions with clients. He is AOPA’s UX expert, information architect and artistic director. His many other responsabilities include copywriting, and the editing text, images and video.

Valeriu Tihai

Senior Wordpress Developer

Valeriu Tihai brings 18 years of web development experience to AOPA. His vast technical knowledge, his rigor and his ability to balance big picture thinking with a meticulous attention to detail has been a key asset in the development of the AOPA Retrospective platform.

Valeriu worked for several years in agencies such as OKam, Transcontinental and Parcour3, then launched his own agency, VT-9 Web Agency, which he has managed since 2022. His education includes a master’s degree from the Universitatea Tehnică in Moldovei (2001), which he completed upon arriving in Quebec with an AEC in website development at Collège Maisonneuve (2014). He has contributed as a programmer and WordPress developer to numerous web projects such as L’école nationale de cirque, Cesium Insider, Bell Media, Finance and Investment and Kombi Canada.

Alex Tench

Graphic Designer

Alex is a multi-disciplinary, freelance designer with over a decade of experience working in brand development, identity design, graphic systems and user interface design. He has created visual identities, print collateral, user interface design and web design for clients such as Save BC, Culture Shift (Taking action on hypersexualization), The Canadian Museum of Human Rights and Destination BC.

He is earnest in his work, which generally has him engaging audiences through apps, websites, packaging, extended print campaigns and holistic brand platforms. When he’s not on the job, he’s a sucker for finding great music, writing weird books and making very unserious pieces of art.

Rajwant Singh (Tech Pumpkin)

Integrator / Programmer

Rajwant is APOA’s integration specialist. He is the owner of Tech Pumpkin, based in the Greater Toronto area. Rajwant has been building websites since 2008, and has developed an expertise in WordPress sites. He can handle anything and everything related to web development including design, programming, graphic editing, SEO, paid advertisements and server side stuff.

Paul Litherland (Studio Lux)

Artwork Photography

Paul Litherland is a Montreal artist and the owner of the renowned Studio Lux, a full-featured professional artwork photography, printing and workshops business serving artists, museums, galleries and businesses. Studio Lux specializes in producing the best documentation available for artists needs. His high-quality work has been used in innumerable grant applications, catalogues and other publications, newspaper articles, websites and promotional items. AOPA collaborates with Studio Lux for all its documentation needs in Montreal (Québec) and its environs.


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Client Feedback

I love your attention to detail, be it in the design, the images, editing text, improving on my writing. Your background in writing is an extra asset to your service. You were very professional in the whole process. You take the whole of the client's needs into consideration and that is what makes your service unique. You care, and it shows in the creation of a beautiful product. I felt you went beyond what was needed to make the site spectacular.

Mariela Borello, Montréal artist

I have so appreciated working with Don at AOPA to create my website. His knowledge of navigation on various screen sizes, his understanding of clients' needs, combined with his attention to detail and endless patience makes working with Don such a pleasure. My online presence has enabled my work to be professionally presented to gallerists and clients alike, which in turn has resulted in exhibition invitations and exposure in print, and has got my work out to a much larger audience . I trust Dons judgement, appreciate his professionalism and I have and do highly recommend collaborating with him on any project.

Jennifer Small, Montréal artist

I am very pleased with my site, its appearance and functionality. I was also happy that you showed me how to do some of the work myself so I can do the updating. You aren’t some young hotshot so I felt like I would be less likely to be judged for my ineptitude with all things computer-related. I am particularly pleased that people continue to be able to find it. I know that is something you put a lot of work into.

Sarah Stevenson, Montréal sculptor