Art and Science Exhibition Site Launch

27 January, 2022

Intercalary Art Event, artists main page with rotating artist portraits.

Artist OPA has just launched a site for the multi-venue Intercalary Event showing the work of Katie Bullock, Jocelyne Prince, Sean Salstrom and Robert Horton’s. The exhibition opened in 2020 only to be closed due to Covid pandemic restrictions. It was decided that an online version of the exhibition would be the best way to have the work seen. Difficulties getting into the venues to do documentation and the pandemic demands on artist who are teaching staff at Rhode Island School of Design slowed down the process considerably.

RISD Museum graphic designer Derek Schusterbauer, and AOPA’s UI expert, Don Goodes, teamed up to produce what turned out to be a bold and comprehensive website. Rajwant Singh took care of the integration of the complex HTML/CSS layout and interactive elements. Participating artist Katie Bullock’s original pencil drawings of maps and of the three buildings where the exhibition’s works were hosted add to the site’s unique look and feel.

Intercalary Art Event Website, Ladd Observatory location page showing original drawing by participating artist Katie Bullock.

Video walk-thoughs were produced for two of the locations, the Ladd Observatory and the John Hay Library, and are available on the site pages. An essay excerpt by art theorist Tom Zummer entitled How to Do Words (with Things): Inference, Reference, and Difference in Aesthetic and Scientific Practices (a work in progress) rounds out the online exhibition’s offerings. As the title implies, Zummer posits a deep consideration of the exhibiting artists’ works in relation to the connections between scientific and aesthetic practices.

Visit Intercalary Event:

Intercalary Art Event, single artwork page with two-layered pagination.


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Client Feedback

I love your attention to detail, be it in the design, the images, editing text, improving on my writing. Your background in writing is an extra asset to your service. You were very professional in the whole process. You take the whole of the client's needs into consideration and that is what makes your service unique. You care, and it shows in the creation of a beautiful product. I felt you went beyond what was needed to make the site spectacular.

Mariela Borello, Montréal artist

I have so appreciated working with Don at AOPA to create my website. His knowledge of navigation on various screen sizes, his understanding of clients' needs, combined with his attention to detail and endless patience makes working with Don such a pleasure. My online presence has enabled my work to be professionally presented to gallerists and clients alike, which in turn has resulted in exhibition invitations and exposure in print, and has got my work out to a much larger audience . I trust Dons judgement, appreciate his professionalism and I have and do highly recommend collaborating with him on any project.

Jennifer Small, Montréal artist

I am very pleased with my site, its appearance and functionality. I was also happy that you showed me how to do some of the work myself so I can do the updating. You aren’t some young hotshot so I felt like I would be less likely to be judged for my ineptitude with all things computer-related. I am particularly pleased that people continue to be able to find it. I know that is something you put a lot of work into.

Sarah Stevenson, Montréal sculptor